Legal Information

Phenta SRL uses this website, accessed through the URL, as a source for disseminating commercial information to its clients, distributors, and collaborators, and as a platform for selling and promoting its products and services. Below are the terms of use of the site (hereinafter referred to as the "portal"), which must be considered when accessing it.

These General Terms of Use of the Portal, as well as the general conditions of contracting that regulate the provision of services and/or the specific conditions established, aim to govern both the dissemination of information to users and the commercial relationships between Phenta SRL and the portal users. The user status of the portal is acquired simply by browsing the site and/or using the services contained therein. Browsing the site, as well as using the portal's services, implies the unconditional acceptance of each and all of these General Terms of Use, the General Conditions of Contracting that, depending on the case, regulate the provision of services offered on the portal, and the Specific Conditions that may, in some cases, be provided regarding the performance of these services.

Phenta SRL reserves the right to change, without prior notice, the terms of use, products, services, prices, and promotions indicated on the portal.

The following general terms of use do not exclude the possibility that some products or services offered on the portal may be subject to special conditions of use, which will be specified and which the customer can review before accepting.

Information and Liability Regarding the Portal and Content Use

Phenta SRL employs all available means to ensure that the information contained in the portal is accurate and continuously updated, although it may contain errors or omissions. Therefore, the user should never consider them completely accurate, and no content of the portal should be deemed entirely accurate or flawless.

Since Phenta SRL cannot perform corresponding checks, it will not be responsible for any possible damages, direct or indirect, that may arise from the users' use of the information, archives, and documents contained on the portal.

Use of Archives and Documents Available on the Portal

The archives and documents on the portal are intended to promote and complement the commercial actions of Phenta SRL, providing users with a quick and convenient means of accessing products and services.

Authorization is granted to use or link to portal sites as long as their origin is specified, and they are intended only for personal and non-commercial information, without making any modifications to any document. Any use other than that specified is strictly prohibited, and anyone who violates this will be held responsible.

Phenta SRL and/or its distributors do not assume responsibility for the information contained in the documents and corresponding archives published on the portal, as they do not refer to specific cases; in fact, all documents and archives are published as "general indications" without any guarantee. In no case do Phenta SRL and/or its distributors assume responsibility for any particular, direct, or indirect damages resulting from the use or interpretation of the information contained on the portal.

The documents and archives published on the portal may contain inaccuracies or typos. Information is subject to periodic changes. Phenta SRL may make improvements and/or changes to documents and archives on the portal at any time, without prior or subsequent notice.

Information about Sites Linked from the Portal

Phenta SRL cannot control the websites linked from the portal, and therefore, it does not assume responsibility for their content. Users accessing these websites assume all risks and must adhere to the terms and conditions of use.

Intellectual Property, Industrial Property, and Copyrights

All content on the website is the property of Phenta SRL. Users accessing the site are fully aware that the data is protected by copyright law, and the rights to intellectual and industrial property belong to Phenta SRL or its representatives. Therefore, the customer, by agreeing to comply with the terms and conditions established by these general terms of use, will be considered solely responsible for any non-compliance with third parties. Phenta SRL authorizes the use, reproduction, and distribution of some portal content, provided there is written authorization from Phenta SRL and the conditions stipulated in the authorization are respected. Consequently, the user is aware that, without prior written authorization, the reproduction, modification, distribution, commercialization, transformation, or publication of any element of the portal constitutes an infringement of the intellectual and industrial property rights of Phenta SRL or its representatives. The user also agrees not to perform any of the aforementioned actions.

The names of products and services on the website may be registered trademarks of the corresponding companies or authors.

Responsibility for Portal Operation

Phenta SRL will not be held responsible for any damages suffered by the user in case of inability to provide the service specified by the Terms of Use, if this occurs fortuitously, due to force majeure, or for other reasons not attributable to Phenta SRL.

Even less will Phenta SRL be responsible for the malfunctioning of the portal in case of maintenance operations, unforeseen events attributable to national and international operators, defects in the client's system configuration, or insufficient power to support the computer systems necessary to receive the service-related performances.

Illegal Uses

This legal notice informs that the services offered by Phenta SRL through the portal should not be used for illegal or unauthorized purposes. Any tampering with our website by third parties is prohibited, as is causing any damage to the servers of Phenta SRL or the networks connected to them.